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Light that fire within. It’s time to shine.

Work with me

You want something more. Something bold and different. Maybe it’s that big dream you’re holding inside. Desire to know yourself deeper and feel turned on by life! Starting your own business. Finding love. Unleashing your power and potential. Whatever it is, there’s a reason you’re here now.

I work with clients online from around the world 1:1 and in sacred group containers (ENG/FIN). Visit my online store for latest offerings & to book your spot to my courses and coaching packages!

REPLAY Now Available!
UNLOCKED Masterclass


This UNLOCKED Masterclass (1,5 hrs) is for you, if:

1. You want to LEARN how to manifest and become the creator of your own reality
2. You’re DONE letting the outside world define what is possible for you anymore
3. You’ re READY to tap into your potential & know you have more to offer to this life
4. You are HERE a mission to live your best effin life, but not sure what to do next.  

1:1 Deep-dive into Self

Become who you truly are. This is a 6 to 8 month 1:1 transformative coaching & healing journey for you to fall in love with YOU & claim back ownership of the life you lead and the impact you’re here to create. Wherever you are in your life, we will journey into your truest, most alive and fulfilled self together, and find the answers from within you in a creative, fun and deep journey of self-exploration.

This journey connects you back to your body and heart, your power, divinity and life energy, and helps you heal and transform any past pain and unresolved trauma – in a safe, fully confidential space – that has been keeping you from living and leading a soul-aligned life full of passion and depth, connected to your purpose and creative self-expression without masks, self-limiting beliefs and restrictions. In these 12 to 16 1:1 coaching sessions we’ll be diving deep and using e.g. somatic, trauma-integrative coaching methods, energy healing and deeply intuitive embodiment work, as it best serves you.

What and when? Package of 12 or 16 sessions (6 or 8 months), with bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions. Please note that 1:1 work is always designed to best suit your needs and life situation, but this is our starting point. I coach clients from all around the world via Zoom, in English and in Finnish.

  • Is this for me? Let’s find out! I offer a 30-minute discovery call where you can explore this work with me and we can see if we’re a match for working together.


SoulFull Sexuality

SoulFull Sexuality is a sacred space for you to reclaim your body, power, aliveness and pleasure. Waitlist now open.

This is a transformational 12-week program for women into the depth of what it means to be a woman Your way. A woman who owns her power, loves and knows her body and moves through life embodying her fierce aliveness.

Combining 1:1 somatic coaching and group work, this journey transforms the relationship you have with your body, leading you to feel empowered and in ownership of your sexuality and self-expression. You’ll learn to listen to your inner wisdom and guidance, which holds the answers for your life, and step into the courage to break free and awaken to live and love unapologetically as yourself. 

  Four spots available.
Read more and access the program here:

How to Change My
Money Reality

 Do you feel you’re not living your best life, but changing it is impossible?
Are you restricted or trapped by your current money situation?
Are you DONE with this story and ready to change it?  

How to Change My Money Reality is a two-part online course
(2 x 2 hr modules with LIVE guidance), where you:

  • 1. uncover what you believe to be true about money (our deeper beliefs are stored in our bodies and feelings, and accessing them begins the real shift)
  • 2. go through a step-by-step process to understand how you’ve created these beliefs, how they impact your life and how to start changing them
  • 3. learn about the hidden mechanisms (e.g. unconscious beliefs, the energy of lack vs. abundance) that create your reality with money, and get tools to put this knowledge into action
  • 4. go on a juicy date with money to create and step into a new relationship with it.

Read more, grab your spot & begin your online course here:

Or…Book Riina as a Keynote Speaker!

How do we create a life & a business that lights our souls on fire?

“Riina is a Professional Transformational Coach and facilitator who leads her company AMPLIFIED from a deeply purpose-driven place. Her Masters is Business Management and passion for a deep sense of meaning has directed her career from training Finnish companies on sustainability and people development to working on children’s rights and business for the UN.

She found her voice, passion and unique twist to understanding sustainability through building her own coaching company. She’s devoted to helping people connect back to themselves, the intuitive wisdom of their bodies, and their empowered self-leadership.”

Are you looking for an inspiring keynote speaker for your event, workshop, retreat or seminar? Someone who’s not afraid to shake up the status quo and lights up the room? Contact me & we’ll talk more!

We had the honor to have Riina as a keynote speaker during the Boost Startup Marathon 2022, an event for young entrepreneurs. She did a terrific job telling her success story and sharing tons of useful advice with the attendees. Riina also covered the sustainability aspect of her business very well, when she explained some of the choices she took as a business leader and how these are impactful. It is with extreme thankfulness and admiration that I recommend Riina.

Marco Cau, BoostTurku

Any questions? Curiosity? Get in touch and we’ll talk more!

I am certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Read more about my story and work experience here.