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Light that fire within. It’s time to shine.

Work with me

You want something more. Something bold and different. To build into reality the dream you hold inside. Desire to know yourself deeper, awaken your consciousness and feel empowered to lead a fulfilling, soul-led life. Starting a business deeply rooted in joy, passion and service. Finding love. Unleashing your power and unapologetic self-expression. Reconnecting to your magic. Whatever it is, there’s a reason you’re here now.

I work with clients from around the world, offering professional coaching & somatic healing services 1:1 and for groups, online and in person. I am also a Keynote Speaker at Speakersforum Finland, currently based in Paris / Helsinki. Let’s connect in English or in Finnish!

1:1 coaching & healing services


Find your next steps with your true self!

In 60 minutes we work through a topic where you feel stuck in life and reconnect you to clarity, confidence and a way forward.

Topics may include: relationships (to self and others) – life & career choices – from overwhelm to inner calm and deeper self-love.

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Tap into the wisdom within!

6 weeks:
3 x 1:1 coaching/healing sessions – 1:1 chat & voice note support – Embodiment Ceremony

Transform your connection to yourself & your body here

COMING HOME, 6+ months

Become who you truly are.
A 6+ month transformative journey to the core of who you are.

For the visionaries, leaders and conscious changemakers. When you’re ready to open the next level and claim the life you’re here to truly lead. 6+ months of continuous 1:1 support. Walking by your side back home to you.

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Self-study Online Courses & Masterclasses:

The UNLOCKED Masterclass, 1,5 h

Unleash your manifesting power & learn to use it!  

LIVE Masterclass for the fierce creators
ready to unlock their dreams and consciously manifest their soul desires.

Access the REPLAY now & begin your manifesting journey today! 


When money or the lack of it is resticting what’s possible for you…

A two-module online course to start shifting your beliefs and reality with money. Direct access & LIVE step-by-step guidance.

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Not here for the coaching?

Book me as a Keynote Speaker to your event!

How do we create a life & a business that lights our souls on fire?

“Riina is a Professional Transformational Coach and facilitator who leads her company AMPLIFIED from a deeply purpose-driven place. Her Masters is Business Management and passion for a deep sense of meaning has directed her career from training Finnish companies on sustainability and people development to working on children’s rights and business for the UN.

She found her voice, passion and unique twist to understanding sustainability through building her own coaching company. She’s devoted to helping people connect back to themselves, the intuitive wisdom of their bodies, and their empowered self-leadership.”

Are you looking for an inspiring keynote speaker for your event, workshop, retreat or seminar? Someone who’s not afraid to shake up the status quo and light up the room? For any questions & event inquiries, please contact me at:

We had the honor to have Riina as a keynote speaker during the Boost Startup Marathon 2022, an event for young entrepreneurs. She did a terrific job telling her success story and sharing tons of useful advice with the attendees. Riina also covered the sustainability aspect of her business very well, when she explained some of the choices she took as a business leader and how these are impactful. It is with extreme thankfulness and admiration that I recommend Riina.

Marco Cau, BoostTurku

Any questions? Curiosity? Get in touch and we’ll talk more!

I am certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Read more about my story and work experience here.