What are my clients saying and feeling?


“I had my first coaching session with Riina, not really knowing what to expect and entering in with an open mind and heart. What took place during the 45 minutes was truly magical and totally beyond anything I could have imagined! Her ability to hold me in a safe and nurturing space, while also inviting me to explore my self in a deeper way was greatly transformational and provided me with lots to reflect and work on from only one session. I felt very assisted and at ease in dropping into my body and really digging deep into the topic that I chose to work on. Some of the techniques we used I will definitely be employing in my own reflections and meditations as they were so powerful! I can’t recommend Riina more as a coach and facilitator for self-exploration – her gentle yet strong energy makes for a wonderful space to fully let go, be yourself and GROW!”

~ Varia

“My coaching experience with Riina has been a beautiful and enriching journey. She provided lots of creative and visual tools to connect with my inner self and find answers. She really supported me during our sessions by understanding my vision and thoughts and asking insightful questions.

I’ve had some breakthroughs about myself that have been guiding me for my next steps. Working with Riina has brought me clarity on who I am, my purpose and the best way to move in the direction of my dreams. She is encouraging, compassionate and supportive. Thank you for your presence.”

~ Marisa

“The best thing about Riina’s Women’s Circle were all the amazing women with whom we got to experience and co-create this journey with! Riina created a trusting, safe space where it was always easy to show up exactly as I am, in whatever I was going through. I recommend this work to everyone who longs for a confidential, heartfully open space to get to know herself and her own femininity, while supported by other amazing women.”

~ Tiina

“Riina’s magic comes from her solid background in guiding clients to find themselves and from her amazing ability to establish a trusting and inclusive environment, where I feel safe to break down in pieces only to rediscover myself again. And she can do this via Zoom! I am lost for words.

During our sessions together I have laughed, cried, screamed, sobbed, released my anger, and ‘died’. Riina has a way to guide you through these major inner shifts and you never really feel lost or alone because her soothing and encouraging voice acts as a beacon of light. When going in, I never know what to expect – my true self is always jumping up and down of joy before the start of the session, whereas my false self is anxious and looking for ways out of it. This is because after each session I feel my inner self growing and my false self shedding away permanently, piece by piece. I highly recommend working with Riina – you are worth every euro you put in. Our collaboration has been by far one of the best investments of my life.

If you are ONLY looking for practical tools please see e.g. a solution-focused therapist (ratkaisukeskeinen lyhytterapeutti). Personally, I believe that you need to work on those inner wounds – which are usually rooted very deeply – with Riina before you can get the most out of the practical tools offered to you in therapy. And don’t get me wrong – Riina uses tools too, but I believe her magic comes from her soul. Combining these different approaches works miracles too – well, at least for me personally. What I have experienced with Riina will be different for you, since we are all following our own unique and beautiful paths, even though it might not appear so beautiful to you right now.”

– Anette, cranio sacral therapist, PhD

“Riina is not your average coach. She is something else. That is a wonderful opportunity if you are willing to step to the unknown and towards your true potential. Working with her was like a magical journey towards my inner truth in an authentic way. She can help you tap into the subconscious levels and make room for intuition, body signals, and uncovered secrets, letting the rational mind step aside for a while. Though the mind is not forgotten either – she has the ability to combine both the rational and imaginative side of ourselves depending on what you need. She is a spark of light that will shine genuine empathy and energy on your way wherever you are, from the darkest places to the utmost joy, and everything in between. Riina is very professional, trustworthy, and respectful. Working her was meaningful, and I can recommend it very warmly.”

~ Annina

“Riina is such a positive and welcoming human being. She put me at ease during all the phases of the coaching while at the same time pushing me towards becoming more aware of dimensions that I had been avoiding or being skeptical of so far. I felt listened to and able to speak my truth, be vulnerable, be angry and all that emotions that usually we tend to suppress most of the time. This was liberating and led to greater and greater self-exploration.

What she did during the three-month programme was accompanying me and letting me do the work; at the end, I was even giving myself weekly commitments! I would say this is a great way to start or keeping oneself on track on one’s personal growth, but one needs to know that the biggest share of the work and the struggle is personal and ongoing. However, Riina will be there and will bring you towards the questions that you might be avoiding or that you cannot take the time to sit down and look at.

Her method is focusing on emotional and unconscious states rather than rationality-driven explanations, and this was a nice discovery for me, because through visualisations exercises I was able to translate concepts in a more concrete and relatable experience that felt true and expressive of myself. Also, I would say that a three-month commitment period is definitely necessary in order to start developing a sensitive positive change.”

~ Anna

“I appreciated Riina’s warm approach, yet straightforward style in coaching. It was obvious to me Riina was listening to my heart as she kept me in touch with my values. The very best part of our sessions were how she helped me to think “outside the box” and realize that I myself am the only one stopping myself from going forward in life. Working with Riina taught me a lot about myself and gave me a set of new tools for managing my own thoughts and goals in life! I can truly recommend Riina as a coach.”

~ Laura

“Riina’s morning session online was a great start to my day! Her gentle guidance helped me to get more connected with my body and her positive energy sparked me into a very uplifted weekend mood. Riina has a very natural and easy-going approach to this kind of sessions, which made it very easy to hop along and feel included. “

~ Antti

“Riina has a skill to truly listen the needs of a client. Her high level of emotional intelligence combined with her extensive resources on exercises and tools to facilitate our coaching sessions in smart and effective way makes her very unique as a professional. As a client, it’s easy to get committed to the coaching since as a coach, Riina puts her whole heart on her work. She has extremely warm and gentle but still at the same time clear and forward-looking vision on how to progress further to achieve positive results. As a base for the coaching sessions, Riina does not only teach me useful skills to overcome my challenges but at the same time encourages me to act on my existing, sincere personal values. Her coaching approach has developed me to become more grounded and sincere in both professional and personal life.”

~ Salla