SoulFull Sexuality

Tap into your Body, Power and Pleasure.

Welcome to SoulFull Sexuality!

SoulFull Sexuality is a sacred space for you to reclaim that which has always belonged to you – your body, power, aliveness and pleasure.

This is a transformational 12-week journey for women into the depth of what it means to be a woman Your way. A woman who owns her power, loves and knows her body and moves through life embodying her fierce aliveness.

A SoulFully Sexual woman knows she is worthy of her deepest soul-desires and is not afraid to unapologetically be and show who she is.

Welcome on the journey. Waitlist now open.

Who is the SoulFull Sexuality journey meant for?

This journey transforms the relationship you have with your body, leading you to feel empowered and in ownership of your sexuality and self-expression. You’ll learn to listen to your inner wisdom and guidance, which holds the answers for your life, and step into the courage to break free and awaken to live and love unapologetically as yourself. 

This program is for you, if:

>> You are tired of giving excuses to yourself and settling for a life that doesn’t make your soul shiver. You desire to feel alive with every cell of your body and to live your best life yet.

>> You are longing to reconnect with your body and to awaken your inner Goddess. It feels like your body, your pleasure and your sexuality are primarily serving others instead of yourself.

>> No matter what your relationship and life status is, you struggle to feel intimacy and fulfilment in your love life. You long to experience deep connection, and feel confused by the lack of feeling turned on in bed or in life.

>> You’ve experienced (sexual) trauma and it feels your past holds power over you, restricting you from living freely as your truest self. You don’t feel safe to express and be yourself, and long to feel in control of your life and body again.

>> You feel you need to please and fit into other people’s expectations of you. You are tired of feeling how you are too much or too little, too loud or too opinionated, too sexual or not sexual enough. You are ready to break free and lovingly roar to everything that tries to cage you into being something you’re not.

“Riina’s magic comes from her solid background in guiding clients to find themselves and from her amazing ability to establish a trusting and inclusive environment, where I feel safe to break down in pieces only to rediscover myself again. Our collaboration has been by far one of the best investments of my life.”

– Anette, cranio sacral therapist, PhD

What is included in SoulFull Sexuality?

SoulFull Sexuality is a deeply transformational 12-week program combining 1-on-1 somatic (body-based) coaching and healing work (Part I, 6 weeks), and a Goddess Circle, where we come together as a group of SoulFully Sexual women to embody and be witnessed in our unfiltered self-expression (Part II, 6 weeks). 

Part I: SoulFull Sexuality – A 6-week 1:1 deep-dive into Self

The journey begins with 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching, including:

>> Six weekly 1:1 live coaching & somatic healing sessions (60-min) with me

In these sessions we’ll dive into the core of you, identify and clear the root cause  that’s blocking you from realising your deepest soul-desires and vision for life, reconnecting you to the source of your aliveness and personal power. Using somatic, trauma-aware coaching, shadow work and energy healing methods we’ll reestablish and strengthen your mind-heart-body-soul connection, claim back and integrate parts of you you’ve forgotten or shut out, and empower you to reconnect with your sacred sexuality, which is the purest, most powerful form of your life force.

This journey is a fully confidential co-creation tailored to meet your needs. The sessions are held online, in English or in Finnish, according to your preferences.

>> 6 weeks of chat & voice note support

During these six weeks, we’ll establish a channel you can use in-between our sessions (via Signal or Telegram) to share your process and receive individual support and guidance to help you stay committed, grounded in yourself and to your higher vision. I got to experience the transformative impact of this earlier with my own coach, and felt so supported throughout my everyday life, when challenges, insights & celebrations came up, and we’ll set this space up as it best serves you.

>> SoulFully Sexual My Way: The Questionnaire

You’ll receive a questionnaire in the beginning of the process to create a deeper understanding about where you are now and where you’re headed – what it means to be a SoulFully Sexual woman your way. In each session we will also identify concrete steps for you to focus on, in order for you to start embodying your vision and showing up as yourself with less filters and masks, reclaiming your power, pleasure and aliveness!

There are 4 individual spots available for Part I. Registration now open.

Pricing for Part I:  1212 € (incl. VAT 24 %)

Payment plans & packages available, read more here.

Any questions? Book a free 30-min chemistry call with me. I’m here for you! / +358503603843

“Riina is not your average coach. She is something else. That is a wonderful opportunity if you are willing to step to the unknown and towards your true potential. Working with her was like a magical journey towards my inner truth in an authentic way. She can help you tap into the subconscious levels and make room for intuition, body signals, and uncovered secrets, letting the rational mind step aside for a while.”

– Annina

“The best thing in the Women’s Circle were all the amazing women with whom we got to experience and co-create this journey with! Riina created a trusting, safe space where it was always easy to show up exactly as I am, in whatever I was going through. I recommend this Circle to everyone who longs for a confidential, heartfully open space to get to know herself and her own femininity, while supported by other amazing women.”


Part II: SoulFull Sexuality – The Goddess Circle

In Part II of the journey you are invited to join the Goddess Circle, where you get to embody and express everything you’ve learned about yourself in Part I. Having a safe space to show up in our power and in everything we are allows you to deepen your personal process and transformation as we come together as SoulFully Sexual Women for 6 weeks.

The SoulFull Sexuality Goddess Circle offers:

>> 6 weekly intimate group sessions, where we gather to co-create and share an empowered safe space to connect even deeper with our bodies and our self-expression.

In these weekly 2-hour online sessions you’ll strengthen the connection to your body and your feminine energy, learn to embody your own sexual and creative energy, and gain clarity on what truly turns you on in life. The sessions include e.g. guided embodiment and visualisation practices, creative journaling, conscious movement and sharing circles. I will also channel individual guidance from your Higher Self to each woman every week.

>> A SoulFully Sexual Self-love workbook with at-home prompts, practices and rituals to rewire your connection to your body and to help you to bring more pleasure and conscious connection with yourself (and your partner(s)) to your everyday life.

>> A group chat to be used as a peer-support channel throughout the six weeks, to share inspiration, challenges and celebrations together.

The Circle holds space for the four women who have completed Part I. Registration now open. We begin in the fall of 2022.

Pricing for Part II: 555 € (incl. VAT 24 %)

Payment plans & packages available, read more here.

Any questions? Book a free 30-min chemistry call. I’m here for you! / +358503603843

”This Women’s Circle was an honest experience shared from women to women. A space to show up fully as myself in all my feelings and life situations. The best part was this empowered, accepting space we created together. I learned everyone of us has our own feelings, life experiences and perspectives we can all learn and share wisdom from. I know myself better now, understanding that  I am the creator of my own life, and all women are wonderful as themselves. I recommend Riina’s gentle and wise guidance to everyone on their journey of self-discovery. Deep insights and practical action steps.
Five stars!”


Payment plans and packages:

Part I – 1:1 coaching journey: Pay in full 1212 € (incl. VAT 24 %)
– option to pay in 3 parts, book your spot by paying the first part here.

 Part II – The Goddess Circle: Pay in full 555  (incl. VAT 24 %)
– option to pay in 2 parts, book your spot by paying the first part here.

Package plan, Parts I & II : Pay in full 1616 € (incl. VAT 24 %)
– a discounted price when buying the package plan and paying in full. 

Contact me for any questions at or call me +358 50 360 3843.

Meet the teacher

Listen to Riina’s new podcast episode above or check out her video blog
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Riina Kasurinen is a Certified and ICF-accredited Transformational Life Coach (CPCC, ACC) and a Somatic Healer at AMPLIFIED, working with women all around the world who are deeply curious about themselves, ready to break free and awaken to live and love life unapologetically as themselves.

After climbing the career and life ladder with her Masters in Business, a loving long-term relationship and a solid life plan she found herself living someone else’s life, and embarked on her own life-changing journey to build her own business, to reconnect with her body, her sexual and creative energy and her authentic self-expression to uncover who she is really is. From a people pleaser into an empowered woman and a conscious creator living her own truth, she now supports other Soul-led Changemakers to embody their divine purpose, courage and aliveness.

Using somatic, trauma-aware coaching, shadow work and energy healing methods she guides her clients through an inner healing and rebirth process into standing firmly in their mind-heart-body-soul flow, and feeling empowered to be their truest self and deeply in tune with their power, purpose and inner wisdom, which gives birth to this new world we’re here to create together.

Read more about how Riina’s clients are feeling, about her story, training and background here and here, and check out the vibe on AMPLIFIED Instagram community here @riina_kasurinen.

For any questions and if you’re wondering whether SoulFull Sexuality is the right fit for you, get in touch by email or call +358 50 360 3843 and we’ll talk more!