My story

To feel alive. To know your truth.

My story

What are you truly passionate about?
Where do your natural strengths and talents lie?
What meets a need in the world?

In 2017 I answered these three questions and found my calling in coaching. That was a beginning of a journey that has to date transformed my life and the way I live it. Today, as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the industry-leading Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I am able to put my strengths and purpose into action. With a focus on somatic, body-based coaching and healing work, I get to do what I love with people who are curious about themselves; ready to go on a deep-dive to discover who they truly are.

A strong sense of purpose has always been a driving force for me in life. At the core of my career, whether it’s been working with startups, big corporations or the UN, has always been people and leadership. With my Master’s Degree in Business and Management I got to work for years with inspiring professionals and gaining valuable experience in sustainable business, HRD, human rights and organisational development in Finland and internationally – I invite you to visit my LinkedIn-profile to find out more.  I am to date very inspired to create spaces for people to come together; be it by facilitating workshops, leading teams or projects, and supporting you to connect back to the core of who you are. I am here to remind every single one of us that we get to live this life as our free, authentic selves and walk the path of stepping fully into who we truly are. (For for more daily reminders, follow me here!)

I’ve always been curious about the human mind, eager to learn more about life and self-development, wanting to live life fully. For years I mastered the art of performing life. With a packed calendar I ticked all the boxes of how you’re supposed to live your life. I was sensitive to people’s moods and expectations, fluent in people pleasing and taking responsibility over other people’s happiness. I was also not yet able to identify and hear my own voice, to trust my inner guidance. To answer the questions Who am I? and What is true for me?  


A few years back there came a time when on the outside everything looked perfect, but on the inside I felt confused and lost. That moment was a wake up call for me to start looking inwards and ask questions. Who do I want to be and how do I want to live my life? What makes my soul sing and creates a whole-body resonance of fulfillment in my life? And that’s how I started my coaching journey and a year-long, industry-leading training and certification program with CTI. Today I work with clients in a very holistic, even therapeutic way, with a special focus on reconnecting with the body and its wisdom. I am trained in body-based, somatic coaching with a focus on trauma-awareness. Read more about what my clients are saying and feeling in the Client testimonials -section.

Today I can hear my inner guidance loud and clear – if only I take the time to create a space to listen to it. I am connected to my body and intuition. I am committed to creating and living a life truthful to myself. I choose to live by my values and to take courageous action in alignment with what I believe in even though not everyone likes it or approves it. I see life as a laboratory, filled with exploration and discovery, curiosity and growth.

Reconnecting with our authenticity and truth, embodying our unique power, creativity and joy and living our everyday from that place is not always easy. It takes hard work and commitment. It is also such a huge gift to ourselves and to the people around us when we begin to take off the masks, shed the layers and let go of the roles that are disconnecting us from our true selves, other people and the natural world around us.

One step at a time we can start to build a bridge to a life that feels real and aligned, truthful and inspiring, and creates a whole-body Yes. Are you willing to say Yes and surrender to the unfolding of your authenticity and life purpose?