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AMPLIFIED coaching takes you on a journey of self-exploration and growth. You can compare it to hiring a sports coach for your life; having a partner who enables you to reach your full potential and learn more, while helping you become the leader of your own life and developing the skills you need to transform your vision into reality. While moving towards a more balanced and fulfilling life, in the process you will also move closer to finding yourself, your own voice and purpose in life.

I’m waiting to hear from you, to speak with you to see how I can support you on your journey. Get in touch by email at or call me +358 50 360 3843 and we’ll set up a complimentary taster session to explore what coaching is about and what it would be like to work together.

It’s time to prioritise the most important person in your life, the one you spend every day
of your life with. 

I’m here to join you on that journey. Let’s get started.

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