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The Authentic, Empowered You. The one who leads life with courage, wisdom and clarity.
You are here to embrace your uniqueness, to reconnect with your truth and to fall in love with your life. And to fully own it.

Life of aliveness, truth and connection. Clear vision. Courageous action.
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Hi, I’m Riina

A Lover of Life. A Pleasure Queen. A Badass Changemaker. A Certified Transformational Somatic Coach with a Master’s in Biz Management*.

I believe we’re here to connect to our truest selves through fierce self-leadership, authenticy and pleasure. To liberate our self-expression and live life loving and accepting everything we are. When we know ourselves, embody our truth, personal power and love, we change the whole damn world!

I’ve grown from an insecure, co-dependent girl great at acting confident and never pissing anyone off into a woman full of courage, fire and integrity, who’s making love to life! Leading her own intuition-led business, fiercely embodied in her power and following her heart – and guiding others back to theirs.

I know we hold the power within to make the impossible possible; peeling off the layers of limiting beliefs and wounding we carry as protection around our hearts and bodies, and coming home to the life we’re meant to live. I’m here to create that safe space where all of us is enough and welcome, + our inner courage and guidance gets unleashed!

I am curious about you. Who you are and what you’re here for? Too many of us live life disconnected from ourselves, our creative power and truth. It’s time to change that.

*Using somatic, trauma-integrating coaching, energy healing and deeply intuitive embodiment work. Read client testimonials here and more about my work experience & CPCC and ACC credentials here.

Work with me

You want something more. Something bold and different. Maybe it’s that big dream you’re holding inside. Desire to know yourself deeper and feel turned on by life! Starting your own business. Finding love. Unleashing your power and potential. Shining your unique magic. Whatever it is,
there’s a reason you’re here now.

I work with clients online from around the world 1:1 and in sacred group containers. I’m also a transformative keynote speaker, currently based in Helsinki. Let’s connect in English or in Finnish!

Live 1:1 & group coaching programs:

1:1 Deep-dive into Self

Become who you truly are.
  A 6 to 8 month
1:1 transformative coaching & healing journey for you to fall in love with YOU & claim back ownership of the life you lead.
Book a chemistry call & access more information here.

SoulFull Sexuality

SoulFull Sexuality is a sacred space for you to claim your body, power, aliveness and pleasure back!
1:1 and group coaching. Registration for 2022 now open.
Access the program here.

Self-healing tools & online courses:

How to Change My Money Reality

 A 2 x 2 hrs online course to shift your beliefs and reality with money. Direct access & LIVE step-by-step guidance.
Sign up & read more here!

““Riina is not your average coach. She is something else. That is a wonderful opportunity if you are willing to step to the unknown and towards your true potential. Working with her was like a magical journey towards my inner truth in an authentic way.”

~ Annina

“Riina’s magic comes from her solid background in guiding clients to find themselves and from her amazing ability to establish a trusting and inclusive environment, where I feel safe to break down in pieces only to rediscover myself again. And she can do this via Zoom! I am lost for words.”

~ Anette

“Working with Riina has brought me clarity on who I am, my purpose and the best way to move in the direction of my dreams.”

~ Marisa

Or…Book Riina as a Keynote Speaker!

“Riina is a Professional Transformational Coach and facilitator who leads her company AMPLIFIED from a deeply purpose-driven place. Her Masters is Business Management and passion for a deep sense of meaning has directed her career from training Finnish companies on sustainability and people development to working on children’s rights and business for the UN.

She found her voice, passion and unique twist to understanding sustainability through building her own coaching company. She’s devoted to helping people connect back to themselves, the intuitive wisdom of their bodies, and their empowered self-leadership.”

This was my speaker bio for BoostTurku Startup Marathon in March 2022 for entrepreneurs. How to build a sustainable startup? Create lasting change? How do we create a life that lights our souls on fire?

Are you looking for an inspiring keynote speaker for your event, workshop, retreat or seminar? Someone who’s not afraid to shake up the status quo and lights up the room? Contact me & we’ll talk more!

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