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The Authentic, Empowered You. The one who leads with courage, soul and awareness.
You’re here to know yourself, to speak your truth for the life you’re meant to lead.
Life of aliveness and connection. Divine passion, purpose and action.
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Hi, I’m Riina

The founder of AMPLIFIED & your partner on your way back home to yourself and the soul-led life you’re here to lead.

The somatic and trauma-informed healing & coaching work I do guides conscious creatives, visionaries and leaders (that’s you) back in connection with themselves on all levels. Your body and spirit. The life you’re here to lead. Self-confidence. Creative flow. Bold moves. Big impact. Healing.

– Have you ever felt alone, misunderstood or too different? Like no one feels life as intensely and deeply as you? Like you’re aware of layers beyond the visible many are not (and your dreams and visions for your life and this world seem ‘unrealistic’ and way too big…)?

– Have you stayed silent in the fear of being judged by others? Filtered who you are, what you want and how you really feel? I know I have!

Here you don’t need to play a role or filter to fit in. Be less, constantly better or pleasing others. The life of your wildest dreams & deep service is built by reconnecting you to the wisdom and answers held within your body and heart. Learning to radically support, love and respect the parts of you you thought were unlovable. This has been my life’s work and the journey my clients from all around the world are on!

As a certified trauma-integrative coach, keynote speaker and a deeply intuitive somatic healer with a Master’s in Business Management*, who’s dug deep and wide to find back home to herself, I’m here to walk by your side back home to you. So you can feel whole, healed & capable to lead your soul life as your own fiercest supporter – and see those world-changing visions turn into reality!

I am curious about you. What is your truest, most joyful self wanting you to discover here?

*Using somatic, trauma-integrative coaching, energy healing and deeply intuitive embodiment work. Read client testimonials here and more about my work experience & CPCC and ACC credentials here.

Work with me

You want something more. Something bold and different. That big dream you’re holding inside. Desire to know yourself deeper, awaken your consciousness and feel empowered to lead a fulfilling, soul-led life. Starting a business deeply rooted in joy, passion and service. Finding love. Unleashing your power and potential. Shining your unique magic. Whatever it is, there’s a reason you’re here now.

I work with clients from around the world, offering professional coaching & somatic healing services 1:1 and for groups, online and in person. I am also a Keynote Speaker at Speakersforum Finland, currently based in Paris / Helsinki. Let’s connect in English or in Finnish!

““Riina is not your average coach. She is something else. That is a wonderful opportunity if you are willing to step to the unknown and towards your true potential. Working with her was like a magical journey towards my inner truth in an authentic way.”

~ Annina

“Riina’s magic comes from her solid background in guiding clients to find themselves and from her amazing ability to establish a trusting and inclusive environment, where I feel safe to break down in pieces only to rediscover myself again. And she can do this via Zoom! I am lost for words.”

~ Anette

“Working with Riina has brought me clarity on who I am, my purpose and the best way to move in the direction of my dreams.”

~ Marisa